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The RocketReach Chrome Extension allows you to find anyone's email, phone numbers from popular professional networks (AngelList, Crunchbase, LinkedIn, Google etc)  in 1-click. 

#1 Email Finder, #1 Sales Prospecting tool:
RocketReach is the #1 sales prospecting tool in the world - trusted by over 1 million registered users. RocketReach customers include the who's who of the FORTUNE 500 - companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, just to name a few.

RocketReach is the most accurate email finder, and its easy to use. RocketReach will return emails, social links for at-least 85% of your prospects. All emails are SMTP validated, to ensure that they do not bounce. Emails are generated at real time to ensure maximum accuracy.

The social and contact information on RocketReach is 2x-4x more complete and up to date, than any of our competitors. Our knowledge graph (database) contains over 300 million profiles, across 10 million companies, worldwide. 

Website: https://rocketreach.co/
Twitter: @RocketReachCo

Send us an email at support@rocketreach.co
Visit our help center at https://knowledgebase.rocketreach.co
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