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MyExtensions on GitHub: https://github.com/phaistonian/MyExtensions


No more frequent visits to your Extensions Dashboard!

This extension provides an automatically updated overview of your Chrome extensions (and themes). 

- Add (or find) your extensions (or themes) from the options page.
- Reports: Rankings (popularity + ranking), users, installs, ratings, comments.
- Displays ranking break down, latest comment for every extension.
- Manually update report from popup.
- Display rank graphs.
- Displays "NEW" sign when an extension is update the last 12 hours.
- Badge + desktop notifications (customizable) when new comments and ratings are posted.
- Direct links to your extensions (view & edit) and your dashboard.
- Display number of total extensions in Gallery.
- Direct link to chrome://extensions/
- SHIFT+CLICK on the extension's link will download the extension.
- Configurable update interval.
- Sortable columns.
- Reports if an extension is featured in the Gallery.
- Compact view (options)

Latest changes:
- Added desktop notification support for comments.
- Added option to ignore comments from a handle (username).

Known issues:
- Number of comments may be incorrect in times, since Google is applying some sort of caching.
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