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01.26.17 - Amazon updates have caused the Stock Stats feature of the tool, along with many other in the industries to have a max limit of 10. We are still looking for workarounds and will update you when we are back up and running 100% with the Stock Stats Feature.

Zally: Amazon and FBA tool that speeds up the decision-making process by providing key stats such as profits, ROI, competitor stock levels, and allows to you neatly organize and save this data. 

Instantly know your numbers without typing anything. Our Auto ROI tool will give you instant estimates to allow you to browse through products faster!
1) Net Profit
2) ROI
3) Estimated Monthly Sales
4) FBA Fees
5) The average rating and number of reviews

Spy on competitors stock levels
-Know not only just the competitor current stock level but the total volume in the marketplace and the average per seller!

Save your findings!
-Save, share, export, and review all your findings!

FREE IS COOL. SO Check out Seller Tradecraft's YouTube and Facebook groups where we share more awesome FREE stuff!


Q: Is there a cost for the extension?
A: Zally is FREE. Why? Because we believe theres more value in growing the brand and in turn when we launch our super secret awesome suite of tools you'll be the first to know ;)

Q: How to use it?
A: Open the Amazon web site, browse to a product page. If Zally does not load click on the chrome button to activate.
Q: Are estimated sales values monthly, daily or yearly?
A: Estimated values are monthly sales

Update Log:
-Bug Fixes

- Improved Show Variations Feature
- Improved Show Review feature on International sites
- Improved Show Sellers feature on International sites

-Updated SSL

- Minor fixes in Zally
- Server side: Current password required for change password

- Fixed rounded profit bug
- Improved variations fetching

- Implementation of login for Zally
- Fix for shipping costs per pound
- Small UI enhancements and bug fixes

- Internal upgrades :)

- Fixed Net Profit Bug
- Bug fix: Variations on Amazon pages were unreadable due to injected styles
- Bug fix: Add-on items were being treated as MFN
- Added Key credentials for Amazon Japan

5.12.17 Update
- Support for Amazon Canada 

5.9.17 Update
- Now supports Amazon France, Italy, and Spain

5.1.17 Updates
- Now supports German market (Amazon.de)
- Added an option for Pro Account
- Initial buy price set to break even price
-Fixed the Referral Fee bug

4.18.17 Updates
- Added ROI Targets
- Fixed bug in profit calculation
- Added popup which shows change log on every update of extension

- Added hover box for info
- Added percentage to the ROI in saved items
- Updated wording of Fees

- Restricted brand alert
- Fixed bug: UK calculator
- Fixed bug: adjust the size of UI settings panel. Options now open in a new tab

- ROI target colors
- Sortable variations

-Review count for variations

- UI Sections settings
- StockStats: give link to login after signup
- Other costs and sales tax in settings menu as well as in UI
- Clickable links in Zally and StockStats

- Adjustable ROI targets

- Inbound shipping option
- Option to edit notes in saved items

- Updated design
- Option to edit profile (server side)
- Option to recover password
- Indication of being logged in on settings page

-Option to limit number of sellers
-Fixed bug where it wasn't displaying on Games pages
- Key Server

-Hide/Show feature fixed for stock stats
-Persistent theme dark/light
-Changed name
-Get price from top seller in case of no buy box
-Other small fixes

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