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How much time and money do you waste figuring out how to market your business? 

AIPRM removes the guesswork. 

Choose from 4000+ professional 1-Click Prompts for ChatGPT. 

🟢 Desperate for a month of blog titles? There’s a prompt for that.
🟢 Lacking the time to write a comprehensive SEO article? There’s a prompt for that.
🟢 Awful at writing professional email responses? There’s a prompt for that.
🟢 Suck at closing sales leads? There’s a prompt for that.

No matter what you need, with AIPRM, there’s a prompt for that.

With 2 Million Users, AIPRM offers the most comprehensive Prompt Management system.

Prompt. Click. Valuable content in seconds. Watch how easy it is to start instantly generating:

- Copy for your service pages
- Social media posts
- Email marketing campaigns
- Midjourney Prompts

Build your own prompt library for:

- Marketing
- Sales
- Copywriting
- Productivity
- Customer Support
- And more…

Free Features:

👫🏿 Teams - Share your curated prompt lists with everyone in your business. Consistent ChatGPT output helps with professional use of the most important marketing technology since email.

🥸 Custom Profiles - Save time with custom profiles that insert your own company’s personalized information into ChatGPT output for content unique to your team.

🔎 Advanced Prompt Search - Find the exact prompts you need across a range of filters including topic, activity, usage, popularity, and open search. Prompt discovery has never been more fun and effective.

🔬 Prompt Variables - Design your own custom prompts and build in multiple variables for a wider range of use cases. Add dropdown options and open fields for you and your team to re-use your prompts in a variety of use cases for your business.

👀 AIPRM Everywhere - Grab research from the internet and inject it directly into AIPRM and ChatGPT. Stop wasting time and short-circuiting your workflow with the endless copy and paste.

🦾 Community Support - Free access to our community forum with support from other expert Prompt Engineers and AIPRM employees.

📦 Omnibox  - Type AIPRM and your prompt right into your browser’s search bar and save time pogo sticking back and forth between websites and ChatGPT.

Premium Features:

📝 Custom Tones and Writing Styles - Design your own brand voice and automatically apply it to every prompt you use. Feel safe that individuals in your business are staying on brand when they use ChatGPT. 

🕸 Live Crawling - Build prompts that can crawl specific URLs on the internet for a more targeted way to use online research for your marketing needs. Don’t depend on ChatGPT Plus or 3rd Party Plugins hoping they select the right webpage.

📒📒 Prompt Forking - Clone public prompts and reinvent them for your own needs. Take the best prompts in the library and tweak the prompt so they work for you even more effectively.

⚡️ Power Continue - When ChatGPT stops generating content in the middle of its output, one-click continuations so you can quickly and efficiently customized the next step in the prompt chain and get the enhanced output that you need.

✅ Verified Prompts - Prompts reviewed by expert Prompt Engineers and cleared for Quality Assurance by the AIPRM team. 


This extension requires an AIPRM Account.

Learn more at:


Tutorial - How Account creation works:

Tutorial - Getting Started with AIPRM

Tutorial - How to Select and Use Prompts

Tutorial - How to Create a Prompt

Tutorial - How to Create a Team

More AIPRM Tutorials and Tips on our YouTube Channel:

Please note: it is AIPRM, not AIRPRM or AIRPM as some people type in.

Join the vibrant Prompt Engineering Community at https://forum.aiprm.com/

Please note: AIPRM doesn’t support or endorse using other ChatGPT extensions in parallel to AIPRM. Please uninstall other ChatGPT extensions for reliable AIPRM functionality.
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