• uBlock Adblocker Plus Pro
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  • 版本:2.4
This is the latest and also the fastest adblock that you can get for Google Chrome. Completely redesigned for a simpler and more intuitive experience. Live stats of all ads blocked and connected domains.

The power button in the top of the popup is to permanently disable/enable uBlock Adblock Plus for the current web site. It applies to the current web site only, it is not a global power button. That way you can whitelist any website that you like.

Additionally, you can block all popups or any single element from any website with a single mouse click.

This extension is a fork of Adblock Pro & uBlock Origin. We use this code under GPL and removed tracking and added some filters.

Standard Filters:

- My filters
- uBlock filters
- uBlock filters  Badware risks
- uBlock filters  Privacy
- uBlock filters  Unbreak
- EasyList
- EasyPrivacy
- Malware Domain List
- Malware domains
- Peter Lowes Ad and tracking server list
- And your local language adblocking list

Many more are optional like:

- Fanboys Enhanced Tracking List
- Dan Pollocks hosts file
- hpHostss Ad and tracking servers
- Spam404
- And many others

This adblocker is a fork of the Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin, a community-driven project with hundreds of volunteers making sure that all ads are automatically blocked. The code is open source and used under GPL. Significant portion of the code was rewritten to make this extension faster, efficient and far more reliable. We also removed any tracking code for your privacy.

uBlock Adblocker Plus does not monitor nor collect your browsing history or your personal information to function properly. When installing, Google Chrome browser automatically shows a permission notice about access to your history and website data as it would with any other adblocker. This is a standard message, we never collect any personally identifiable information whatsoever!