• Web Clipper (Nimbus)
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A web clipper that really works! It’s the easiest way to clip text, pics, links, emaisl and PDF content  from Internet pages and save it to your Nimbus account.

Capture anything you find on the web: text, images, links, articles, and PDFs. Then  save it all to your Nimbus Note account.

Also,  you can add  notes before sending your captures to Nimbus Note. For example, if the page includes some ads, images or links, you can delete  it or add your own text.

Here's what you can clip and do with Nimbus Clipper:

- Whole Internet pages- Specific  parts of an Internet pagenb
- Highlight text before sending
- Add To-do tasks in notes before sending
- Capture images from websites
- Capture and annotate PDF files
- Email from Gmail, Yandex, Hotmail and Mail.ru
- Capture complete or partial articles
- Capture anything, with just one click!

Create Nimbus clips by combining several different fragments of text from a web page such as when you need to save the parts of an article located in different sections of the page.