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Moxtra Web Clipper

Use Moxtra Web Clipper to send Web Clips & Bookmarks

Moxtra Web Clipper makes it super easy to send a web clip or a bookmark to one or more people, right from your browser, using Moxtra Power Messaging service.

Moxtra is an easy to use, cross platform, power messaging service. Whether you are a student working with a group to beat a deadline, a sales representative driving a team response for a sales opportunity, or a business owner managing your staff deliverable, Moxtra is built for you to orchestrate results on the go.

Moxtra's capabilities include: 

MESSAGE INSTANTLY: Invite anyone from your various contact lists to view, edit, and engage them in a group conversation through a simple chat interface. Customize push notifications so you can focus on what matters most to get things done and make your conversation results oriented.

COLLECT ANY FILE: Pull documents, photos, videos, and more from your desktop or cloud services into your conversation on-demand. Bring entire live web pages or clip portions most relevant into your conversation.

EXPRESS THROUGH ANNOTATIONS: Use text, highlights, laser pointer, and more to add graphic annotations to your files and make your conversations come to life. Create voice annotations to make your content speak for itself.

MEET IN REAL TIME: Seamlessly escalate your conversation to an online meeting including a rich audio and screen sharing experience.

CONVERSATION BINDERS: Bind all conversation elements in a container for easy access and retrieval.

Moxtra App is available for iPhone, iPad or Android. 
Access Moxtra at www.moxtra.com from any browser.