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  • 版本:0.3.1
Increase your productivity on EverNote using shortcuts to search, navigate, share and create notes.

Although there's still a lot of work to do, most common functionality is supported, like sidebar menu, dialog forms buttons, etc.

General options:
    ?      show the help dialog
    A      Add a note
    /      search notes
    W      goto Workchat
    S      goto Shortcuts
    N      goto Notes
    B      goto noteBooks
    T      goto Tags
    C      goto Contiguration

    Enter  accept
    Esc    cancel

Nodes list:
    j      next note
    k      previous note
    l      edit note
    oc     Order by Creation date (newest first)
    oC     Order by Creation date (oldest first)
    ou     Order by Updated date (newest first)
    oU     Order by Updated date (oldest first)
    ot     Order by Title (ascending)
    oT     Order by Title (descending)
    vi     Toggle view text
    vt     Toggle view images

    c      change note Caption
    s      Star note
    i      note Info
    d      Delete note
    r      Reminder for note
    b      move note to noteBook
    t      Tag note
    F      Focus toggle

Note Sharing:
    hs     Send note
    hf     Facebook
    ht     Twitter
    hi     LinkedIn
    he     Email
    hl     Link

Notebook list:
    j      next notebook
    k      previous notebook
    Enter  select notebook
    l      select notebook
    d      delete notebook
    e      email notebook
    s      Star notebook
    a      Add Notebook
    f      Enter search Field
    x      Clear search notebook

Search window:
    w      change Where to search
    a      Add search to saved
    f      enter search Field
    x      Clear search field

    Esc    exit field
    a      create tag/chat
    f      enter search Field
    x      clear search field

Configuration Menu:
    s      Settings
    h      Help & Learning
    r      Rate Evernote Web
    l      Log out

Note editing:
    Esc             Exit note editor
    Ctrl+z          Undo
    Ctrl+Shift+z    Redo
    ⇄               Indent
    Shift+⇄         Unindent
    Ctrl+b          Bold
    Ctrl+i          Italic
    Ctrl+u          Underline
    Ctrl+Alt+a      Attach file
    Ctrl+Alt+b      Bulleted list
    Ctrl+Alt+c      Checkbox
    Ctrl+Alt+d      Divider line
    Ctrl+Alt+e      Align center
    Ctrl+Alt+k      Insert link
    Ctrl+Alt+l      Align left
    Ctrl+Alt+n      Numbered list
    Ctrl+Alt+p      Code block
    Ctrl+Alt+r      Align right
    Ctrl+Alt+s      Strikethrough
    Ctrl+Alt+x      Remove formatting
    Ctrl+Alt+=      Subscript
    Ctrl+Alt++      Superscript

Release Notes for v0.3.1

- Support URLs in the form evershort.com/u/#
- Fix tinymce shortcuts
- Fix notebook up/down movement
- Fix quick notebook up/down movement

Release Notes for v0.3.0

- Add shortcuts for editor
- Show shortcuts in tooltips
- Fix editor's toolbar visibility

Release Notes for v0.2.4

- Add support for Chinese site (issue #2)

Release Notes for v0.2.3

- Add url based icon action
- Fix all sharing shortcuts
- Fix textedit fields exit with ESC