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The best note taking service just got better.  
Note New Tab by Utile syncs notes to Evernote® without having to launch the Evernote desktop or web app.

After authorization with the official Evernote® API Note New Tab by Utile will import all your notes from Evernote and allow you to edit or add to your notes and notebooks. Note New Tab lets you edit, add, and re-categorize notes more seamlessly. 


Edit - 
edit and add to existing notes and it will be synced with your Evernote® account

Add - 
add new notes to be synced with Evernote® in one click

Shortcuts -  
use shortcuts to quickly reach your favorite notes

Notes - 
see all your old notes ordered by last modified date

Notebooks - 
view all your notebooks and see a count of how many notes are within

Tags - 
access tagged notes and make new tags

Hotkeys - 
hit Command-E (for mac) and Control-E (for windows)

***HOW TO USE***

Click the Note New Tab by Utile icon (It’s a green E in a green circle like in the screenshot) on the top right of your browser. Or simply open a new tab with Command-E or Control-E

Signup for your free Evernote account at Evernote.com. It’s the best note keeping service around.
The Note New Tab by Utile extension is neither made nor ran by Evernote.

One small click for notes, one giant leap for productivity